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    Since 1951, Rudholm Group (RH) have grown from a family business, to a global leader, producing garment accessories, offering state-of-the-art digital solutions and providing logistical services for the textile industry.

    RH is not just a manufacturer of garment accessories, we work with our clients across the production process, from design to distribution. Whether creating fresh new ideas or working with a client’s own concept, we produce all accessories from hangtags to packaging, that is high quality, fit for purpose, functional and adds value to any product. Our goal is to produce products with the least impact on the environment, and that our productswill made from recyclable material, able to be recycled, upcycled and biodegradable.

    Using our ever-evolving digital platform, RH make it easy to co-ordinate and place orders quickly by offering different levels of automatic solutions. Our state-of-the-art variable data printing solution enables the customer to have control over ordering, and adjusting items within the system. RH’s concept of ShareLabel which has an unique QR code, once scanned, the consumer is directed to a specific URL where the story behind the clothes can be told in a manner that the brand desires (through video, text or images).

    RH Group have NINE production hubs across the globe, all with local production under RH ownership, and local production that means quick lead times are guaranteed, competitive prices, all while reducing the carbon footprint for all of us.

    All RH products are created to the highest standard and pass international standards such as REACh and Oeko-Tex. The suppliers we work with are REACh and Oeko-Tex certified. Rudholm Group is fully committed to reducing the impact it has on the environment – from Design to Distribution.

    We are the only partner you need for all your garment accessories and sustainable packaging, digital solutions and logistic services.

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      With 21 offices and 9 manufacturing hubs, Rudholm Group is truly your local global company. If you want to know more then click on the Lest’s Get Started button below.