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    24 November, 2022

    Who We Are – Rudholm Group

    Rudholm Group is an innovative leader in eco-friendly labels, tags, transfers, sustainable packaging, insulation and trims, along with the state-of-the-art digital and logistic solutions for the textile and garment industry.

    As a creative, solution-driven company, Rudholm Group, a family owned business, operates in 22 countries, has the capability to make quick changes in order to meet the changing needs of its customers and the market.

    Rudholm has TEN production hubs across the globe, all with local production under our ownership, guaranteeing quick lead times, competitive prices, all while reducing the carbon footprint for all of us. Making Rudholm Group a local/global company. 

    Rudholm has a wide range of state-of-the-art digital solutions for sustainable change that can reduce your costs, time, internal resources and environmental impact.

    Rudholm offers you …

    • All kind of sustainable trimmings/eco packaging solutions
    • Logistical solutions with 10 hubs
    • Sustainable ways of working and products
    • Strategic production hubs close to your country
    • Warehousing solutions
    • Flexible Webshop and Variable Data Systems
    • A web-based global logistical support system that can connect to the customer’s PLM system and be linked to local production and warehouse facilities on textile producing markets.
    • Constantly developing new products
    • Updated with new regulations and products
    • Take over all trimming deliveries and invoice directly to vendors. 

    Rudholm can help you all the way from Design, Distribution through to Disposal of products.

    For more information about the latest Rudholm products and news, read our exciting RH UPDATES or fill out the Let’s Get Started form above https://rudholmgroup.com/news/

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