Rudholm group

We care

We care about producing greener products, this means foregrounding environmental concerns in the design, the manufacturing, the materials used and their source, the distribution and most importantly its recycling capabilities after use.

With this in mind we are always striving to find new ways to reduce the impact on the world.

One of our fastest growing range of products is our ECO RANGE, our goal is to produce products with the least impact on the environment and can be returned safely back to nature.

We care about our workforce and we have a truly global team. We are fully committed to their well-being by ensuring they are treated with respect and their working conditions are safe and healthy.

The Rudholm Group recognise that each country and culture work differently. So we have a set of simple core values WOW! – PASSION! – RESPECT! This helps our global team work together and also when we are working alongside customers.


Rudholm Group is fully committed to reducing the impact it has on the environment and the well being of all our employees – from design to distribution.

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