Variable Data System

Our state-of-the-art solution for variable data suits all brands, from global to domestic markets.

The system is prepped with features to make sure the brand gets the correct labels in compliance with international laws and standards, while also saving time and effort. We operate our own print hubs all over the world.

Each setup is built around the brands prerequisites and needs. You can choose from fully automatic or semi -automatic preloaded orders, through file transfer or manual creation without any file transfers.

Rudholm Group works only with the latest software and codes to ensure that each setup is future proof.


Examples of features …

  • Online preview and confirmation.
  • Different permission and management levels, enabling the brand to co-work with their suppliers, partners and agents in any way required.
  • Support for multiple languages, brand logos, variable images and layouts.


Rudholm Group knows the importance of speed and accuracy needed for variable data items.