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    24 August, 2023

    US Global Fashion Coalition Pushes for Digital Labelling – Digital Passports with the ShareLabel Platform

    The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), the International Apparel Federation (IAF), and 128 additional organisations from the global fashion industry delivered a letter to authorities advocating for the implementation of digital labelling to reduce waste and enhance consumer information.

    The AAFA had previously called upon Congress to pass a bill that would instruct the FTC to enable mandatory labelling information on clothing to be provided to consumers via digital labels utilising various technologies, such as QR codes and others. Although there is no definite timeline for its adoption in the US, this movement is quickly gaining momentum globally with France already being the first to implement new laws.

    The new legislation is focused on using Digital Product Passports to improve supply chain transparency and help consumers make sustainable choices. The Rudholm Group’s ShareLabel Platform can assist your brand in adapting to upcoming regulations and maintaining a competitive edge. Its software and physical label solutions ensure that your brand remains compliant in the US, EU, and other global markets. The  identities can be updated and complemented by more information over time and stay compliant with laws and regulation as they are established.

    ShareLabel by Rudholm Technology features a QR code to provide wash care instructions, garment authenticity, and digital identity. Brands can tell the unique story of where, how, and by whom their products were made which keeps customers loyal and engaged throughout the lifetime of each clothing item.

    Each garment has its own unique identity and number series, with essential information such as:

    • Wash-care
    • Article number
    • Country of origin
    • Colour and size
    • Materials and composition
    • RN/CA Numbers

    To discover more about the incredible potential of ShareLabel for your brand, visit our dedicated ShareLabel page and explore our informative video series. 

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