Rudholm is a comprehensive provider, offering a vertical setup from ordering labels in our automated system to production and final distribution of the physical product. As Rudholm owns the ShareLabel™ platform, changes are implemented swiftly, managing the entire production process of your Care Label to Digital Product Passport (DPP).  

Opting for Rudholm Group’s globally produced care labels includes receiving a complimentary basic digital product passport, ensuring your brand is fully compliant with upcoming legislation for digital labelling.   

In the ShareLabel™ version level you will receive a digital product passport that can provide:  

  • Digital Care Label including global translations;  
  • Authenticity Verification; 
  • Custom Branding;  
  • Basic Marketing / Social Media; 
  • Companies’ sustainability values; 
  • Compliance with current and upcoming legislations. 

You also have the flexibility to tailor your digital product passport with added features, including (but not limited to):  

  • Sourcing and Supply Chain;  
  • End of life and product life cycle;  
  • Repairability, recyclability;
  • POS-integration;  
  • Custom integrations and features;  
  • Marketing/Upsell. 

ShareLabel provides supply chain visibility and utilises a unique wash care labels embedded with a QR code or NFC chip, providing each garment with a distinct digital passport with endless integration and localisation possibilities. Brands can tell the unique story of where, how, and by whom their products were made, allowing you to meet upcoming legislative changes easily.    

 To discover more about the incredible potential of the Digital Product Passport – ShareLabel for your brand, visit our dedicated ShareLabel page and explore our informative video series. 

  • Identity and Integration 

  • Authenticity 

  • Transparency 

  • Marketing  

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