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    14 October, 2022

    Sweden FSC Certified for FSC Mix and FSC Recycled Paper Packaging

    Rudholm Sweden now has the FSC Chain of Custody Certification Certified standard for our FSC mix and FSC recycled paper packaging. Rudholm is committed to being transparent, responsible, and contributing to sustainable packaging solutions.

    FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution. It has over 25 years of experience in setting the gold standard for sustainable forest management. FSC labelling tells customers that the materials used originate from sustainable and legal sources.

    FSC-certified forests have environmental, economic and social benefits

    • Zero deforestation- Although trees are harvested, there is no net loss of forest over time
    • Environmental protection – FSC certification requires biodiversity to be maintained, and high conservation value areas -including old growth forests – to be protected
    • Indigenous Peoples’ rights respected – FSC certification requires forest inhabitants to be consulted and engaged, and cultural rights to be maintained
    • Fair wage and work environment for workers – FSC certification requires training, safety and decent wages for all workers.

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