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    06 September, 2021

    Sustainable Variable Data from Design to Distribution


    RH have sustainable choices available for labels which include materials that are recycled, recyclable, or renewable. Sustainable choices such as 100% Recycled Woven Yarn, Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified Cotton Care Labels and Eco RFID tags. 

    • Eco RFID Tag Technology allows printing of an RFID label on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals. They can be recycled with hangtags and at volume one million RFID tags reduce CO2e by 1600 kg. One million pieces of ECO tags saves 163kg of plastic (PET).
    • Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified Cotton Care Label. Cradle to Cradle certification is where an independent, 3rd party organisation reviews product design, manufacturing facilities, and processes. Products (and the associated manufacturing processes) must meet or exceed a series of standards that assess applications in the – reduction of waste and hazardous chemicals, more efficient uses of resources and the reuse of materials, energy efficiency and social responsibility.
    • Woven labels are available in up to 100% RECYCLED WOVEN YARN.  These  are OEKO-TEX Standard certified – (this is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials) and bluesign® certification is available – (this certificate looks at the whole production chain from the product, the chain of production, from raw materials to finished products.)

    Reduce waste and time with the state-of the-art web-based system developed and built by RH. Make the process of ordering labels easier. Accelerating the design process as this enables you to view your sample and make quick alterations with photorealistic rendering for a true-to-life visualization. It is prepped with features to make sure your brand gets the correct labels in compliance with international laws, symbols and regulations and in many languages. This suits all brands, from global to domestic markets.

    Decrease your CO2e impact as Rudholm Group have NINE production hubs across the globe, all with local production to lower costs under RH ownership, which means that quick lead times and competitive prices can be guaranteed as well.

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