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    25 May, 2021

    ShareLabel – Transparency and Anti-counterfeiting

    Rudholm Group have developed a system using a share label combined with a QR code to unlock the identity of a specific product. These QR codes can be individualised for each garment. That lends brands an opportunity to tell the unique story of where, how and by who a specific piece of clothing was made, using video, text and/or images.


    This is a new way to communicate and interact with your customer. It opens up a world of transparency, where brands can tell their story and share information. This allows consumers to make educated choices about the products they are buying.

    It gives Identity, as each garment or style has its’ own identity. This will change the way we think about a garment, to keep the customer loyal and engaged throughout the lifetime of each clothing item.


    Interaction is possible with the ShareLabel system, customers can chat about the brand or leave reviews about products for others to read.


    Transparency is important as customers want detailed information about the materials, information about the suppliers – the manufacturing and the country of origin, what the product is made of, and wash and care instructions. Build trust, by sharing this information with customers.


    Use the ShareLabel as a tool for up-sale, make personalised offers, connect similar or matching items, promote new and upcoming products, include promotional events, competitions specific to your product, collaborate with other brands. There are endless possibilities for you when using this system.


    Be authentic. The ShareLabel QR provides stronger garment authenticity and gets even stronger supply chain integration, this eliminates the risk of the consumer of buying replicas. The ShareLabel NFC provides the unprecedented authenticity of the garment with or without supply chain integration. (ShareLabel NFC APP & SDK is provided). In addition, it can greatly increase the second-hand value and add extra life to an item as the garment is passed on from owner to owner.


    This system allows you to collect data so you can gather detailed information about where and when your garments are scanned, you can make pinpointed campaigns and promotions based on statistical data.

    Let your product speak for itself, unlock transparency, interaction and knowledge, IT’S TIME TO SHARE.

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