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    09 November, 2020

    Rudholm Sri Lanka has moved to a new location

    Rudholm Sri Lanka ensures the best services for their clients at all times in sales, product development and quality. They are a technical hub of the Rudholm Group AB – which is located in over 20 countries and has been operating since 1951.

    Come and visit their new office to choose from the variety of accessories that are high quality, exciting, functional and add value to any product. Their dedicated team will help you to create fresh new ideas, or work with existing concepts. The product development team cares about sustainable products, which means they foreground environmental concerns in the materials  used and their source, the design, the manufacturing process and assembly, distribution and the end-of-life of products. They also develop each design into a high quality samples ready for approval and technical testing.

    They work with clients across the production process, from Design to Distribution.

    Please contact our country staff for any inquires.

    Randy Baldsing

    Telephone: +94 112 51 48 44 | Mobile: +94 772 337 116
    Email: randyb@rudholm-hk.se www.rudholmgroup.com




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