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    16 March, 2024

    Rudholm Partners with Living Ink to use Algae Ink™ – renewable, bio-based ink products

    Rudholm Group has partnered with Living Ink Technologies which developed an algae-based ink collection called Algae Ink™.  An innovative ink technology formulated with their carbon-negative pigment, Algae Black, is used by Rudholm for offset printing on paper products.

    What is Algae Ink™? 

    Algae Ink™ is an environmentally friendly, renewable, and bio-based ink derived from repurposed waste algae biomass. This algae byproduct is leftover after extracting molecules for natural nutritional supplements and is repurposed by Living Ink to produce their carbon-negative black pigment that is used across various applications like paints, coatings, and the formulation of printing inks, such as Algae Ink™. 

    Algae Ink Advantages 

    • Made from Waste Biomass (Spirulina Algae) 
    • Jet black colour available 
    • Comes from a carbon-negative pigment (the hangtags/paper itself are not carbon-negative) 
    • Renewable and safe 
    • Innovative 
    • Vegetable-based soy ink 
    • Compared to traditional soybean ink, it includes higher vegetable content (40-55%) while traditional soybean ink includes around 30%. 

    What Products does Rudholm offer this for? 

    • Currently, Algae Ink™ is available for hang tags produced in China 
    • As we continue to witness the growing demand for sustainable solutions, we plan to expand its usage to other product categories and countries soon. 

    For additional information, visit our website: rudholmgroup.com or fill in the Let’s Get Started form above if you want to find out any more information

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