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    26 January, 2021

    The Circular Economy and the Rudholm Group

    The circular economy is a model which takes production processes into consideration. This increases sustainable manufacturing and consumption by outlining how to reuse, repair, and recycle resources to keep them in use for as long as possible.

    Rudholm Group is fully committed to reducing the impact it has on the environment. We care about producing greener products, this means foregrounding environmental concerns in the materials we use and their source, the design of products for extended future use, the manufacturing process and assembly, the distribution of products, and their disposal.

    At RH, our goal is for all our products to use less water, chemicals, and energy. They will  be made from recyclable material, able to be recycled and/or biodegradable. A circular economy cannot work without clean production.  We make sure our offices, factories and supply chain requirements meet and exceed legal requirements and regulations relating to sustainability and social responsibility.

    All RH products are created to the highest standard and pass international standards such as REACh and Oeko-Tex. All our suppliers are also REACh and Oeko-Tex certified.

    Before recycling garments, extend their life cycle through proper care, repair or redesign reduces textile waste, uses less virgin materials, and reducing pollution and water waste.  RH offers you a Repair and Sewing Kit – to extend the lifetime of products while resources are in-use to maintain, repair and upgrade them.

    See the RH sustainable products such as RFID Labels, Care Labels, and a Detachable Screw Button. Our range of Eco Trims which …

    • Eco metal finishes use 70% less energy (estimate), less chemicals and water than conventional electroplating.
    • RH Labels and Tapes are 100% recycled polyester which uses recycled post-consumer chips like plastic bottles.
    • Card Tags & Overiders are made using recycled waste paper.
    • Paperette Patches are a FSC Mix, which means the wood is from FSC controlled forests, recycled material, or controlled wood.

    If you want to find out more, please contact: Sven Herold

    Mobile: +46 (0) 706 592 265

    Email: sven.herold@rudholm-hk.se


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