10 September, 2019

Rudholm Group has the solution for your plastic bags.

RH Group are pleased to be able to offer you BIODEGRADABLE, RECYCLABLE, or COMPOSTABLE plastic bags can be incinerated and have no adverse effects on product quality.

There are 4 main Qualities

•100% NEW LDPE

(Please note all Recycled LDPE is made from PRE -CUSTOMER WASTE. This means this is all the waste plastic from our manufacturing process and not POST CONSUMER WASTE which is products that have been used by end user.)

There are 3 main Weights


We can add our BIODEGRADABLE ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY to all bags, which means, if these bags end up in landfill, they will biodegrade. This BiodegradableOrganic Technology is introduced during the manufacturing process and it accelerates the biodegradation of treated plastics in anaerobic landfill environments. The breakdown process is enzymatic, allowing microbes to consume the entire plastic mass leaving behind the same materials as in organic waste. — which is CO2, CH4 and Humus (biomass that is basically microbial poop).

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