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    21 May, 2023

    Rudholm Group exhibition at the E-Commerce Expo, 31st May – 1st June, Kistamässan Stockholm, Stand G12.

    Welcome to the Rudholm Group exhibition at the E-Commerce Expo, 31st May – 1st June, Kistamässan Stockholm, Stand G:12.

    Rudholm Group offers a wide range of innovative digital and logistic solutions, with climate-friendly e-commerce packaging for sustainable change. Helping you to optimise your entire e-commerce value chain.

    Come and see our …

    Digital Platform – full integrated production of variable data such as care labels, price stickers, NFC & RFID labels, as well as EAN stickers, and box stickers with unique numbers, box content, EAN codes and shipping information.  Using semi-automatic or automatic preloaded orders, through file transfer or manual creation without any file transfers.


    RH Solutions – Fully automatic workflow for labels and all their accessories. View samples, make alterations, get the correct labels in compliance with international laws, symbols and regulations. Check stock, browse products and prices, place orders and track deliveries at any time.


    ShareLabel Platform provides garment authenticity and identity of a product using a share label with either a QR code or a NFC chip. The identity can be individualised for each garment, like a passport, resulting in a digital care label with endless possibilities for integrations and localisation. It can be integrated into your existing infrastructure.


    E-Commerce Packagingconstructed from recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Smart solutions that make it easier for shipping and returns. BIODEGRADABLE, RECYCLABLE, or COMPOSTABLE plastic bags.


    Event: Ecommerce Expo.      When: 31st May – 1st June       Rudholm Where: Stand G12   

    Location: Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, Stockholm. 

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    Weblink: Hem – Ecommerce Expo

    We look forward to seeing you there.

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