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    24 June, 2021

    Rudholm Group – Changing the Face of Packaging

    Rudhоlm Grоuр оffеr unique, quality packaging solutions to hеlр уоur brand maximise its vіѕuаl impact аnd еnѕurе ѕtruсturаl integrity.

    RH can offer you eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options such as 100% Kraft/ FSC®  Paper/Card, Biodegradable, Compostable, Recycled Plastic, or LDPE Polybags.


          Paper boxes and paper bag suppliers are FSC® certified and SMETA/Sedex audited. 

          Polybag supplier is GRS certified and SMETA/Sedex certified. 

          Rudholm Group’s independent 3rd party testing by Intertek, has shown biodegradation of treated plastic after 45 days under ASTM D5511 testing. 


    To minimise shipping distance we work with partners in both Europe and Asia. This means that quick lead times are guaranteed, competitive prices, and reducing the carbon footprint for all of us.


    We have supply chain processes to control and ensure quality of products and to make sure our suppliers live up to the standards in the RH Sustainability Document. We conduct a variety of CSR-related activities and carry out our own assessments in combination with third party audits through SEDEX, and BV. We also require our suppliers to be ReaCH and/or OKEO-TEX certified.



    With our experience in e-commerce, RH can provide you with the exactly right packaging. We ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition, every time with our  flexible, easy-to-pack solutions that eliminate any risk of product damage in transit.


    POS – In Stores

    Our  boxes, bags and tubes are perfect to give maximum impact in the store.  RH can offer packaging solutions for any product including clothing, scarves, wallets, shoes, socks and so much more.

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