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    04 July, 2023

    Rudholm Group Announce Collaboration with Newtrims International AB for Central European Market

    Rudholm Group, the leading global partner for the textile, footwear, and garment industry, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Newtrims International AB, a renowned provider of tailored brand sourcing strategies. This partnership aims to revolutionise the Central European market by combining Rudholm Group’s comprehensive range of environmentally friendly trim and accessory solutions with Newtrims’ expertise in sustainability and brand optimisation. 

    As a pioneer in the industry, Rudholm Group offers cutting-edge digital solutions for labels, packaging, and textile trimmings, all designed with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. 

    Newtrims International AB specialises in enhancing sustainability, speed, simplicity, trackability, and cost optimisation for apparel and footwear brands and retailers. 

    This collaboration has a range of benefits for brands and retailers, including elevated sustainability practices, streamlined processes for improved speed and simplicity, enhanced trackability for legal compliance, and optimised costing strategies.

    Both Rudholm Group and Newtrims International AB are excited to embark on this journey together, leveraging their combined expertise and resources to drive innovation, sustainability, and positive change in the Central European textile market.


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