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    25 November, 2021

    Rudholm Group acquires Euro Brand Management, a global packaging company and Certified B Corp

    Rudholm Group (RH) a leading global provider of sustainable garment accessories, packaging, state-of-the-art digital solutions, and providing logistical services for the textile industry has partnered with Euro Brand Management (EBM) – Certified B Corp, owned by Luigi Grosso a footwear industry veteran. He will continue to lead Sales/Marketing and Sustainability. “I am excited about the opportunity to partner with RH and bring our specialist team of footwear and apparel packaging experts to the group. This will strengthen our strategic platform of reducing CO2 emissions, costs and supporting the global climate collective.” Luigi Grosso, EBM.

    Since 1951, RH has grown from a family business to a global leader operating in 22 countries. Their vision of We Care is based on three pillars – PEOPLE | PLACE | PRODUCTS. From distribution to the supply chain, RH is fully committed to reducing the effect they and their customers have on the environment, people, and the impact of their products. RH focuses on implementing innovative solutions to solve sustainability challenges, making real changes that benefit people and the planet alike.

    “EBM brings expertise and knowledge in sustainability to support and accelerate our many growth initiatives. They understand and share our values and commitment in sustainability, valuing the workforce and offering the highest quality service and products to our customers.” Jonas Wollin, Chairman of the Rudholm Group.

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