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    19 March, 2020

    RH – we have your future logistic solutions covered

    This web-based system, is an initiative that RH have developed and built specifically to meet their customers’ needs and to make the process of ordering labels easier, quicker and cost efficient. It is prepped with features to make sure your brand gets the correct labels in compliance with international laws, symbols and regulations. This state-of-the-art solution for variable data suits all brands, from global to domestic markets.

    RH Group have NINE production hubs across the globe, all with local production under RH ownership, and local production means that  quick lead times are guaranteed, competitive prices, all while reducing the carbon footprint for all of us.

    Each setup is built around the brands prerequisites and needs. You can choose from fully automatic or semi-automatic preloaded orders, through file transfer or manual creation without any file transfers.

    Rudholm Group works only with the latest software and codes to ensure that each setup is future proof.

    Advantages of the variable data system

    • Eliminates the need for keeping Artworks up to date, emailing artworks, and the work related to proofreading the information. A preview based on approved data from the database of the actual print image can be viewed, adjusted and confirmed within the system.
    • Orders can be registered manually or uploaded from files.
    • Support for all languages known to us.
    • New languages, text and rules can be added to pending orders.
    • Complies with international laws, symbols and regulations.
    • Full control through customer and agency user accounts.
    • Different permission levels within each account.
    • Add on extra labels such as KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE, TSSA, Warning labels etc.
    • Fully transparent, with built in reports.
    • Constant development of functions.


    Thermal Transfer / Digital print 

    • No plates needed, suited for small qty / variant.
    • Only option for unique identifiers.
    • Suited for vendor inhouse printing, easy to setup and get started.
    • White / Black or Black / White or Red / White

    Flexographic Printing 

    • Printing with plates, suited for higher qty / variant.
    • Needed for heavy washes like workwear and denim.
    • Up to 6 + 2 colours

    If you need to find out more information please contact our sales team or Robin Carlsson robin.carlsson@rudholm-hk.se

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