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    15 April, 2020

    RH Group Values – WE CARE, PEOPLE, PRODUCT and PLACE

    Rudholm Group cares about the People, Product and Place.

    PEOPLE: We are fully committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment and that our global workforce are treated respectfully, with safe and healthy working conditions. We make sure our offices, factories and supply chain requirements meet and exceed legal requirements and regulations relating to sustainability and social responsibility.

    PLACE: We care about producing greener products, this means foregrounding environmental concerns in the materials used and their source, the design, the manufacturing process and assembly, distribution and most importantly the recyclability and biodegradable capabilities of products after use.

    PRODUCTS: One of the fastest growing range of products is our ECO Collection. This collection covers many products you see in the fashion industry from garment accessories to packaging. Our goal is to have all our products either recyclable, made from recycled material,  biodegradable, or using less water, chemicals and energy.

    Rudholm Group is part of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA). This initiative aims to support apparel and textile organisations and the Swedish apparel and textile industry to reduce their impact on the climate while strengthening global competitiveness.  STICA’s goal is that Sweden becomes the first climate positive apparel and textiles industry in the world before 2050.

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