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    04 October, 2023

    REDUCE-RECYCLE-REUSE Collection: Embracing Responsible Consumption

    The REDUCE-RECYCLE-REUSE collection assumes a vital role in addressing the ecological footprint of the industry and educating consumers on reducing the impact of clothing consumption while promoting a circular economy. By incorporating eco-friendly practices, this collection contributes to addressing the global issue at hand through the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

    Our diverse range of products includes Sew On Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Snaps, Rivets, Woven Labels, Rubber Labels, Leather Labels, Tabs, Over riders, Hang Tags, Strings, Zips, Cords, Garment Bags, Pullers, and Tapes. Each item is carefully crafted using materials that align with sustainable practices and uphold our commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Embracing the use of Recycled Polyester, Recycled Brass, Recycled Paper, Leather, Silicon, Tencel, FSC Mix Paper, and Hemp String, we prioritise the utilisation of recycled and eco-friendly materials. This conscious choice contributes to reducing waste, minimising resource consumption, and promoting the reuse of materials, thereby fostering a more sustainable approach to the production and consumption of clothing.

    Together, we can contribute to building a more sustainable future and supporting the principles of a circular economy.

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