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    04 August, 2022

    Recycled LDPE Change Plastic For Good BDP® Technology Poly Mailers, made in the USA, using Water-Based Inks

    Do you want your brand’s product to stand out? Then see us! 

    This poly mailer is printed with true NEON colors and these recycled LDPE and CPFG BDP® technology poly bags are made in the USA with water-based inks!

    The NEON poly bags are used by one of our brand partners, SHEFIT®, a company who makes performance gear for kickass women.


    Change Plastic For Good (CPFG) BDP® treated plastics have been tested via the ASTM D5511, ASTM D5988 & ASTM D6691 in which enhanced biodegradation has been determined by microbial action. In biologically active landfills, biodegradation rates vary depending on the type of plastic, product configuration, solid content, temperature, and moisture.


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    Do you want your brand's product to stand out? Then see us! This poly mailer is printed with true NEON colors and...

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