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    06 December, 2021

    One Country, One Supplier – RH make it easy for you

    Rudholm Group is the only partner you need to make things easier for you. RH has offices in 22 countries and NINE production hubs across the globe, all with local production under RH ownership. Meaning quick lead times, all while reducing the carbon footprint. You decide what country you would like production to be in. RH can help you all the way from Design to Distribution.

    RH offers you …

    •   All kind of sustainable trimmings/packaging solutions, logistical solutions
    •   Sustainable ways of working and products
    •   Strategic production hubs close to your country
    •   Warehousing solutions
    •   Flexible Webshop and Variable Data Systems
    •  Global web based logistic system
    •   Constantly developing new products
    •   Keeping customers updated with new regulations and products
    •   Take over all trimming deliveries and invoice directly to vendors. 

    You are in full control.

    To find further information …



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