31 August, 2020

New Image Gripping Transfer – Oeko-Tex certified by the RH Group

Image Gripping Transfer  – OEKO-TEX certified

This Image Gripping transfer adapts to the garment or product and not the other way around. It is uniquely designed to suit most common materials. You can heat this transfer as low as 120 degrees, or up to 170 degrees to suit workwear and to handle industrial washing.

The paint system used in this process is called Pantone Solid Coated, which means that screen printing transfers have straighter edges and cleaner PMS colours, even in process pressure.

Image Gripping is excellent for most products, for instance t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, work clothes, college and bags.


  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • The market’s best Anti Flame treated transfer – meets 2017 certification
  • Releases easily from the wearer, which saves time & money
  • High color fastness
  • Sharp edges – (no glue edges)
  • Wide range of applications = High flexibility
  • Can be applied to 90% of all known textile materials
  • Low application temperature
  • Optimal durability after washing tests on fabric
  • Covering colors
  • Low pressure during application (less wear on garments & press)

Contact Fredrik at RH to find out more information:



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