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    14 January, 2022

    New Global Drop at Preview Fabrics & Accessories Fair – Metallgiuteriet, Stockholm Fashion District, 26th-27th January 2022


    The Rudholm Group will be presenting their NEW J22 GLOBAL DROP at the Preview Fair at Metallgiuteriet, Stockholm Fashion District, Augustendalstorget 6, 131 52 Nacka Strand, Sverige.


    This collection is centered around sustainability and enabling the consumer to have a positive experience that they will remember. Including sustainable packaging for E-commerce, and Fashion, Sportswear, and Skiwear accessories. Get an overview of the coming season and be amongst the inspiration and new knowledge for you and your customers.

    Preview Fabrics & Accessories is a Scandinavian textile fair for weaving, textiles and suppliers of accessories. 

    Please contact Sofia Backlund to book a meeting sofia.backlund@rudholm-hk.se

    Our collection is MADE TO INSPIRE and we would love to see you at the RH booth.


    Important information regarding vaccination certificate entry

    On 12 January, the government introduced an infection control measure which entails a requirement for vaccination certificate at trade fairs where the number of participants exceeds 50 people.This means that all visitors and exhibitors need to present covid proof/vaccination passport and ID when entering our events. It is therefore no longer an option to show a negative PCR test/antigen test. The companies that do not follow this may risk being shut down.


    Please pre-register your visit at Preview Fabrics & Accessories held in Stockholm Fashion District, 


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