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    14 December, 2022

    High Durability and Protection for your brand – QR Codes and NFC Tags

    Developed by the Rudholm Group, the ShareLabel platform uses a share label with either a QR code or a NFC chip. QR codes and NFC tags provide a high level of garment authenticity and identity of a product. Being authentic means aligning yourself with the brand’s identity and ensuring quality.  The identity of each garment can be individualised, like a passport, resulting in a digital care label with endless possibilities for integrations and localisation. It is your direct to consumer channel.

    QR codes

    • Cheap
    • Can be added on existing care label production without any extra work/cost
    • Doesn’t need any additional symbol or indication of its presence since it’s visible
    • Cheaper than NFC since it’s not an additional “part” that needs to be bought and added.

    NFC codes

    • Harder/more expensive than QR to copy (if someone is producing fakes)
    • Can provide supreme authenticity if paired with an app 
      • Provides same level of authenticity as QR when used without an app
    • More resistant to wear and tear since it’s embedded and not exposed
    • May need indication of where it’s located since it’s hidden (inside badge or tag.)


    Rudholm´s platform can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Using video, text and/or images brands can tell the unique story of where, how and by who a specific piece of clothing was made. Preparing for the upcoming changes to the EU legislation on sustainability for the textile and fashion sectors regarding transparency.

    Please go to our ShareLabel page and watch our series of videos which will explain what ShareLabel can do for your brand.

    Identity and Integration     https://rudholmgroup.com/digital-identity-of-your-garment-sharelabel/

    Authenticity     https://rudholmgroup.com/episode-2-digital-identity-authenticity/

    Transparency   https://rudholmgroup.com/episode-3-digital-identity-and-transparency/

    Marketing     https://rudholmgroup.com/episode-4-digital-identity-marketing/

    The platform that enables Identity, Authenticity and Integration.


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