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    05 July, 2021

    Greener Zips for Greener Garments

    The Green Zipper is a sustainable, eco-friendly series; using less energy, water and chemicals. 


    The  Green Zipper Series uses recycled raw materials; all the material suppliers are GRS certified – (this verifies the recycled content of products and to verifes responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.)

    Each zipper reuses plastic bottles so you become a part of the circular economy by reusing and recycling and reducing your carbon footprint by 33% during the production process.


    The zipper parts are GRS certified:

          Alloy – 100% Pre-consumer recycled zink alloy

          Yarn – 100% Post-consumer recycled polyester

          Moulded teeth  – 62% Post-consumer recycled polyformaldehyde ( POM ) + 38% Post-consmer recycled polyester

          Coil teeth – Monofilaments, 100% Post-consumer recycled polyester

          Metal teeth – 100% Pre-consumer recycled brass


    The coil/molded zipper is bluesign® certificated – (this certificate looks at the whole production chain from the product, the chain of production, from raw materials to finished products.)


    Few items on a garment have to endure as much wear and use as the zip. Rudholm zips are tested extensively at every stage of production. This ensures that we maintain the very highest quality.

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