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    24 June, 2022

    G-Star switch to Biodegradable and Recyclable Eco RFID Tags

    Printed on renewable paper, Eco RFID Tags have no plastic layers and harmful chemicals and can be recycled together with the hang tags.  High volumes and high quality can be produced cost-neutrally and sustainably. Eco RFID tags have passed industry tests for recyclability and biodegradability. 

    •   One million pieces of ECO tags equals 1 600 kg reduction in CO2 emissions
    •   One million pieces of ECO tags equals 163 kg saving in plastic (PET) compared to traditional etched AL/PET    tags (50×30 UCODE8 retail tag.

    As a part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, we specifically chose to switch from traditional RFID tags to Eco RFID tags, which are both recyclable and biodegradable. The eco tags were printed in tactical locations (e.g. close to factories) and shipped along with other items that we use, reducing our carbon footprint.Willeke Hendriks, Head of Product Development, G-Star

    Using the state-of-the-art web-based system, RFID labels can be added to other labels purchased from Rudholm, such as Care Labels and barcodes. By automating systems, ensuring data accuracy and availability, and providing visibility throughout the supply chain. Rudholm is helping you to reduce waste, time and money.

    Eco RFID tags can be shipped along with other items purchased from Rudholm from any of its 10 global hubs.

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