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    06 June, 2022

    EPISODE 3 – Digital Identity and Transparency

    Open up a world of transparency where your brand can tell its story and share information about products with your customers. 

    This direct to the consumer channel strengthens your brand and online presence by telling your unique story of where, when and how a specific piece of clothing was made using video, text and/or images. This allows consumers to make informed decisions about the products they are buying through your brand being more transparent.

    You could focus on these transparency aspects:

    • Transport – from production to the warehouse
    • Supply Chain – images of the factory, the region of the factory
    • Materials – material traceability, certifications
    • Production traceability.

    This Rudholm platform can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Using either a QR code or NFC chip on a share label results in a digital care label with a wide range of integration and localisation options.

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