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    24 May, 2022

    Episode 2 – Digital Identity & Authenticity

    We can provide authenticity for your garments.  Once you have chosen your carrier of your digital identity, using NFC tags or a QR code, the identity of each garment can be individualised, like a passport number.  These tags can physically authenticate every item.  Authenticity is about aligning yourself with the brand’s identity as well as the guaranteed quality. With this platform, counterfeit items can be identified straight away and this adds exclusivity to your product. A customer can be assured the products they buy are authentic, of high quality, and branded.

    When the QR code or NFC chip is scanned, the platform verifies the scan and determines the validity of the garment’s identity. It can decide if the product is legitimate or authentic, or if the identity isn’t genuine or is counterfeit.

    The platform can be set up however you like, such as presenting information about the experience a customer will have when they see a counterfeit garment versus when they scan the authentic one. 

    This Rudholm platform can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. NFC tags can also be linked to the ShareLabel platform which uses a share label and a NFC chip, resulting in a digital care label with a wealth of integration and localisation possibilities.


    Prevent counterfeits– the platform that enables Identity, Authenticity and Integration.

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