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    04 August, 2021

    ECO SPORT – Performance meets Sustainability

    RH’s Eco Sport 2021 fuses high performance garment accessories with sustainability. This collection is built around our Eco values with metal products made from Aluminium, Recycled Polyester Tapes, Recycled Polyester Nylon Mix Labels, Biodegradable Heat Transfers) and Eco Matt Laminated Hang Tags that can be recycled with standard paper waste. This creates sports trim that runs alongside environmental ideology.


    Aluminium Trim– Oeko Tex/Reach certified

    Aluminium can be recycled infinitely it is the most recyclable cost-effective industrial material.


    GRS Certified Recycled Nylon/Polyester Mix Label

    GRS certified Recycled Nylon/Polyester labels perform the same as virgin Nylon and Polyester labels.  This label mix is re-processing waste products to create sustainable products. It can be printed in any Pantone colour.


    Bio-Degradable Silicon Heat Transfer – Intertek certification for aerobic biodegradability

    Bio-Degradable Silicone is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and can directly touch the skin. It can pass any safety system certification, and has a high resistance to temperature, low reactivity with chemicals, doesn’t support microbiological growth, repels water, and is resistant to ultraviolet (UV light). All of this makes silicone a strong overall alternative to plastics.


    New Eco Matt Laminate Coated Hangtag 

    Made from 100% FSC recycled card and is coated with our new eco laminate, which means it can be recycled after use.


    Oeko-Tex Recycled Polyester Tape

    Made from post-consumer chips like plastic bottles to create new exciting 100% Recycled Polyester Tapes.  Recycling post-consumer plastic reduces the amount of waste and the demand for oil-refined polyester, saving water and energy. 

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