One of our fastest growing range of products is our ECO RANGE, our goal is to produce products with the least impact on the environment and can also be returned safely back to nature.

When we are developing new products we have the environment at the forefront, from design to distribution, using recycled materials or materials that can be recycled after use or it can be a fast, safe, biodegradable product.

Eco Collection

Rudholm have now developed an Eco Collection which cover many products in our range:

  • ECO FINISHES | Made using less water, chemicals and energy than conventional electroplating.
  • OCEAN WASTE RECYCLED PLASTIC | Made using Recycled PA 6 from abandoned fishing nets.
  • ECO FRIENDLY POLYESTER BUTTONS | Made by re-using scraps to make another new button.
  • 100% RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL (With GRS Certification) | Made using 100% Recycled Woven Labels made with post-consumer chips.
  • ORGANIC COTTON LABEL | Made using Organic Cotton with Oil Based Ink.
  • RECYCLED WOVEN/PRINTED LABEL | Made using Recycled Polyester Woven or Printed Labels with Oil Based Ink.
  • RECYCLED PAPER HANG TAG | Made using FSC Recycled Paper with Oil Based Ink.
  • WATER-SOLUBLE HANG TAG WITH WATER-SOLUBLE & BIODEGRADABLE SEAL | Made using Water-Soluble Fibre/Pulp and 100% PVA Seal.
  • RECYCLED POLYBAG| Made using Regenerated Polybags by re-using scraps to make a new polybag.
  • COMPOSTABLE POLYBAG | Made using starch material.
  • EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE POLYBAGS | This Polybag will OXO-Biodegrade within 24 months, when in an appropriate environment.
  • BDP BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS | BDP – Breakdown Plastic is an additive that can be added to most plastic products to make it Biodegradable in Landfill and meets ASTM D5511 standard.