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    18 September, 2023

    Custom Eco Labels, Tags, and Strings: Recycled, Recyclable, and Renewable Solutions

    Rudholm Group specialises in providing custom labels tailored for the garment and textile industry, including care labels, composition labels, size labels, brand labels, name labels, barcode labels, and combinations thereof. They are committed to offering climate-friendly label choices, using recycled, recyclable, or renewable materials.

    1. Eco RFID Tag Technology enables the printing of RFID labels on renewable paper, reducing plastic use and emissions. 
    2. Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified Cotton Care Labels demonstrate their commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, with third-party validation.
    3. We  offer up to 100% recycled woven yarn labels with OEKO-TEX Standard certification and other sustainable certifications.
    4.  The Eco String guide includes GRS certified polyester string and TENCEL™ Lyocell string, which is compostable and biodegradable.
    5. Recycled waste paper is  transformed into functional Card Tags & Overiders to optimise resource usage. 

    Rudholm Group’s automated systems ensure data accuracy and compliance, catering to brands of all sizes. With a network of 11 production hubs worldwide, they provide quick lead times, competitive prices, and a localised approach to reduce environmental impact.

    Sweden | Portugal | Poland  | Turkey | India | Bangladesh | Vietnam | Hong Kong | China | Los Angeles ​| Las Vegas 

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