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    05 June, 2023

    A marketing tool for your products – ShareLabel

    EPISODE 4 Digital Identity & Marketing 

    Once you have chosen your carrier of your digital identity, using NFC tags or a QR code, the identity of each garment can be individualised, like a passport number. This direct to the consumer channel strengthens your brand and online presence.

    Use ShareLabel when marketing for:

    Point of sale integration – use the platform to provide an in-store experience as well as an after-purchase experience when scanning codes. It can be set up to display and behave differently depending on whether the garment has been sold or not.

    Geographical data –  receive geographical data to find out where in the world your customers are if you do not directly sell to consumers.

    Offers/Event/ Tickets  – based on the unique identity (like our passport), you can integrate your garment into different events and can use your garment as a ticket for entry, provide offers based on the type, style, production batch of the garment, and offer discounts, or where to upcycle or repair old and new garments based on the unique identity. Lots of possibilities.

    Integrate into existing marketing platforms – if you have a digital marketing platform you can integrate it into the digital identity platform so that you can deliver a direct-to-customer marketing channel that does not require additional effort and puts marketing in a separate portal than your regular portal.

    Reviews/Input – communicate with consumers, offer questionnaires, surveys  and different formats, such as integrating and collecting reviews on the garment, having your customers scan and review the garment. This travels and lives with your garment.

    Items matching your style – digital identities are associated with a lot of data, such as production, material, colour, size, style number, SKU, so that they could be used for integration with e-commerce, for example, and a product information system to provide upsales, such as matching pants with sweatshirts. The possibilities are endless.

    Take regular garments to the digital world.

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