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    14 November, 2022

    A Digital Passport for your products to meet upcoming legislations – ShareLabel

    Be prepared for the upcoming changes to the EU legislation on sustainability for the textile and fashion sectors. The political objective is to give consumers reliable, comparable and clear information about a products’ environmental and social footprint.

    Developed by the Rudholm Group, the ShareLabel platform provides garment authenticity and identity of a product using a share label with either a QR code or a NFC chip. The identity can be individualised for each garment, like a passport, resulting in a digital care label with endless possibilities for integrations and localisation. This Rudholm platform can be integrated into your existing infrastructure.

    This gives brands an opportunity to tell the unique story of where, how and by who a specific piece of clothing was made, using video, text and/or images. It opens up a world of transparency, where brands can tell their story and share information. It is a direct to consumer channel.

    Each garment has a unique identity and number series. You can have the following information:

    • EAN/SKU/PO – article number, a purchase order
    • Materials and Composition – it gives you more information than a standard care label, educating the consumer about the product.
    • Marketing systems, services and platform – sales, campaigns etc
    • Vendor and COO – country of origin information
    • Colour and size
    • Wash care.

    Additional information:

    • Stories using video, text and/or images
    • Product name – to show more about your identity as a brand
    • Transparency – share how was the garment produced and environmental impact
    • Integrate marketing systems, services and platforms – campaigns or event details
    • Care and repair services – where to go or recommendations how to fix garments
    • Returns – to make it easier in the warehouse
    • E-commerce – for sales information
    • Rental and resale details.

    The possibilities are endless.

    This is a new way to communicate and interact with your customer. This allows consumers to make educated choices about the products they are buying.

    Please watch our 4 part series which will explain about Digital ID and how our ShareLabel can help.

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