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    16 January, 2023

    3M’s leading European distributor offers GRS & bluesign® Thinsulate Insulation

    Rudholm is the leading European 3M Thinsulate Insulation distributor, saving you time, costs and co2 emissions. With our European based warehouses and sales people, we make sure you get the right Thinsulation for your needs.

    • A warehouse based in Europe delivers orders faster, and reduces co2e.
    • The  main warehouse is opening in Poland, Spring 2023, offering you a shorter lead time and lower delivery costs.
    • Customers can order online 24/7, can check the orders, warehouse capacity and delivery status.
    • Placing orders is easier with the Rudholm system.
    • European based sales people, helping customers select the right Thinsulate Insulation and keeping them up-to-date with the latest innovative developments.

    RUDHOLM GROUP offers insulation that meets GRS & OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 Class I Certification, and is also bluesign® approved.  The strict requirements for documented post-consumer recycled material, and approved chemistries from these 3rd parties ensure a lower impact on environment, employees, and consumers.


    3MThinsulate Insulation (Type EC)

    Thinsulate Type EC Classic Series. Contains 78% post-consumer-RECYCLED polyester.  A new padding with competitive pricing.

    3M ThinsulateInsulation (Type EP)

    Thinsulate Type EP Performance Series. Contains 83% post-consumer-RECYCLED polyester.

    A new padding for the premium segment with a soft, luxurious hand-feel.

    3MThinsulateInsulation (Type Featherless FLR100)


    Thinsulate Type FL-R100 Featherless Series. Contains 100% RECYCLED post-consumer polyester.  A real alternative to natural down designed to mimic its warmth and performance.

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